When businesses are not profitable for extended periods of time or face challenging market conditions, owners may be forced to go into bankruptcy or carry out a restructure strategy. Even if it seems like your business is doing well, it’s important to know what the biggest causes of business bankruptcy are and be prepared for...


At this point, the pandemic is having a profound impact on businesses around the world. Almost every type of business and sector has been disrupted, from retail and hospitality to supply chains and financial markets. Things do not look like they did one year ago, and are likely to look different in the coming months,...


‘Assets’ and ‘liabilities’ are two words used by accountants quite a lot. But what do these terms really mean and what do they have to do with the financial health of a business? We like to break down accounting terminologies into simple terms so that business owners can better understand their finances, so read below...


Cash flow happens to be one of the major concerns of small businesses. In fact, studies show that 82% of business failures are due to poor cash flow management, or poor understanding of how cash flow works. Therefore, managing it effectively and understanding where the money you are spending is going and why is of...


Do you need to split bills with your friends and family, send money across the world using different currencies, or make an instant payment? Sending and receiving money online via money transfer apps has never been easier. With so many apps to choose from, we present some of the best money transfer providers, including Revolut,...


Myths and misconceptions are often created out of a few bad experiences or even lack of experience with the field of accounting. And while there’s some truth in those statements, they are not the whole story. So let us clear things up by exposing some of the most common misconceptions about accounting. Accounting is the...


How to avoid being a victim of financial fraud While the pandemic increased our dependence on the digital economy and accelerated the use of online payments, it has also led to an increase of many different types of fraud. Data breaches, identity theft, online scams and stolen credit cards are very frequently in the news....


Like all EU member countries, Cyprus follows the European VAT Directive which sets the rules for VAT registration, compliance, rates, returns and related filings. If you are either a sole trader or limited company looking to get a better understanding of all things VAT, keep reading. We will take you through some of the most...

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